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Socially responsible investment

FDC invests long-term and globally and therefore favours a healthy and sustainable economy. As an institutional asset manager, FDC is aware of its ecological, social and good governance responsibilities. Such considerations are being taken into account in FDC's investment strategy as well as in its investment decisions.

Whilst considering sustainable criteria gained considerable momentum especially in recent years, FDC had already started to formalise a responsible investor policy as early as 2010. At the beginning of 2011, the Board of Directors decided to set up and implement an exclusion list, based on international conventions ratified by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and covering the fields of environment as well as institutional, social and joint responsibility.

At the same time, FDC proactively started to pay more attention to sustainable criteria and aspects in its public tenders aiming to mandate external asset managers. In 2012 the first mandate with an investment approach exclusively based on ESG criteria was awarded. Since then, FDC's responsible investor policy has continuously evolved and deepened. At the end of 2019, the Board of Directors took the initiative to prepare a dedicated report which should set out in detail the scope, the different aspects and the implementation of FDC's responsible investor policy.

The Paris Agreement on climate change, the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development or the European Commission's 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework include environmental and social targets as wells as objectives that will impact the financial sector as a whole. Being aware of the importance of these issues and complying with its fiduciary duty, FDC is issuing the present report and is complementing it with a climate analysis of its portfolios.

With its first sustainable investor report published end of 2020, FDC has drawn up a transparent inventory of its responsible investor policy and publicly confirmed its commitment as a responsible investor.

Being aware of the constant evolvement of responsible investing, FDC is going to regularly monitor developments in the field of sustainability and will adapt its responsible investor policy, if necessary.


FDC's Sustainable Investor Report 2020: